Che significa affidarsi ad una «autorità epistemica»?

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Consider this case. At high-school in Italy many years ago I heard my teacher of Latin say: “Cicero’s prose is full of synecdoches”. I had a vague idea of what a synecdoche was, and ignored until then that one could characterize Cicero’s writing in this way. Nevertheless, I relied on my teacher’s intellectual authority to acquire the belief that Cicero’s prose is full of synecdoches, and today have a more precise idea of what my teacher was talking about. Was I justified in any sense in uncritically accepting that pronouncement by deferring to my teacher’s authority?

Ringraziamo la prof.ssa Gloria Origgi per averci concesso la riproduzione di questo breve articolo in inglese. Leggi il documento completo: What Does it Mean to Trust in Epistemic Authority?